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Enjoy This Autism Awareness Freebie Resource to Help Keep Your Wandering Child Safe

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

A little girl sitting outside on steps while playing on her tablet

Our HealthSmart! Kids freebie resource share today comes to you from the National Autism Association. It's the Big Red Safety Box and it's meant to help keep our kids with ASD safe.

This is such a great tool! I wish they had this when my son was little. I definitely know what it's like to wish I had eyes on the back of my head and to sometimes feel the need to sleep with one eye open to keep up with my always-moving son on the spectrum. :)

You can apply quickly to receive a wandering child free kit resource for your child with autism who tends to bolt or wander off.

If your child meets the basic criteria, you can have your free kit within a few weeks. You can make an optional donation to support the cause if you like when applying for this great product.

Check out the free kit and apply here:

Here's to keeping our wandering kids safe and healthy with valuable resources!


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