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Unlocking Your Child's Potential: 10 Strategies to Motivate Kids To Make Good Choices and Be Productive

Updated: Apr 9

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Are you struggling to ignite your child's motivation?

If there's one constant in the whirlwind of raising children, it's the quest to find strategies to motivate kids to get things done. Picture this: the laundry basket is overflowing, homework is scattered like confetti across the kitchen table, and your little one is deep in the enchanted realms of their imagination instead of tidying up their toys.

Sound familiar? You're not alone.

Motivating kids to accomplish tasks and make responsible choices is a skill every parent aspires to master. Unlocking your child's motivation may often feel like the ultimate quest, but rest assured, you're not alone in this journey! In today's post, we're serving up some helpful strategies to motivate your kids to get things done. We'll explore practical strategies, tactics, and tips to inspire productivity and responsibility in your child. From setting clear expectations to nurturing perseverance, we'll provide you with the tools you need to create a motivating environment at home.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or your preferred beverage of choice) and settle in. The journey to motivating your child starts here, and we're so glad to have you along for the ride! Let's dive into this journey together and discover the compelling power of motivation in your child's world.

Without further ado, here are ten practical and effective strategies to motivate kids to make good choices and get things done.

  1. Lead by Example: Kids pick up behaviors by watching the adults around them, particularly their parents. So, the best way to motivate your child is by being a role model yourself. Let them see how dedicated you are to your work, how you stick to your goals, and how you make smart choices. Your actions speak louder than words and will inspire them to follow suit.

  2. Set Clear Expectations: When it comes to motivating our kids, being clear is super important. Let's make sure we talk to them about what we expect from their chores, schoolwork, and other responsibilities. Break down tasks into smaller steps and give them a clear plan to follow. When kids know exactly what they need to do, they're more likely to stay on track and get things done.

  3. Establish Routine and Structure: Kids do really well when they have a routine to follow. Try setting up a daily schedule that includes time for homework, chores, play, and relaxation. Consistency helps them feel more secure and makes it easier for them to manage their time and stay organized.

  4. Celebrate Achievements: It's important to cheer on your child's accomplishments, even the little ones. Let them know you're proud of their efforts and progress. Giving praise and rewards for their achievements boosts their confidence and encourages them to keep doing their best.

  5. Foster Independence: Help your child feel in control of their choices and actions. Let them have chances to make decisions and solve problems on their own. It's okay to let them face the results of their decisions, while you're there to guide and support them. When kids feel empowered to make choices, it boosts their sense of responsibility and self-belief.

  6. Set Realistic Goals: Work with your child to set goals that make sense for them and are doable. Break down big goals into smaller steps, and figure out when they should finish each one. Encourage them to keep track of how they're doing and make changes if they need to. When kids have goals, it helps them know where they're headed and stay excited about reaching them.

  7. Provide Positive Reinforcement: Using positive reinforcement is a great way to keep your child motivated. Give them praise, encouragement, and maybe even rewards when they do something good, make smart choices, or finish tasks. You can use kind words, stickers, or even a reward chart to show them how proud you are and keep them going strong.

  8. Encourage Perseverance:  Help your child learn the importance of never giving up, even when things get tough. Show them that it's okay to face challenges and mistakes because they help us grow. Encourage them to keep trying, learn from their errors, and keep going until they succeed. When we foster this mindset for our kids, we're giving them the power to tackle anything and reach their best.

  9. Create a Supportive Environment: Let's make our home a place where our children feel loved and supported to be themselves and explore what they love. Keep the lines of communication open, listen to what they have to say, and help them without judging. Build trust and respect so they feel comfortable coming to you with anything on their mind. This way, you can work together to guide them through life's ups and downs.

  10. Lead with Love and Understanding: Above all, let's approach parenting with plenty of love, patience, and understanding. Keep in mind that each child is unique and may require different approaches to stay motivated. Be their rock when they're feeling down or facing challenges, and gently guide them through those tough moments. By nurturing a loving and supportive connection, we're laying the groundwork for our child's joy and development.

When I was a child therapist, parents frequently remarked that their kids weren't motivated by anything. To that I say, we are all motivated by something. Our kids' favorite things can and do change. Knowing what incentives appeal to them at any given time, is an important starting point for using strategies to motivate kids. That's where a Reinforcer Survey like this Reward Behavior Incentive Ideas Worksheet comes in.

This Reward Behavior Incentive Ideas Worksheet helps with strategies to motivate kids

Stay current with what your child notes as their favorites, and build your reward system (i.e. motivators) from this worksheet.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Child Towards Good Choices and Productivity

In wrapping up, helping your child make good choices and stay on task takes time, steady effort, and a heartfelt commitment to their success. By trying out the tips shared in this post, you can help your child build habits that lead to lasting, positive change. Remember to show them the way with your own actions, cheer them on, and celebrate their victories. With your care and guidance, your child will be ready to shine bright in everything they do.

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