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Picture of Patty Canton owner of HealthSmart Kids blog

Welcome to the HealthSmart Kids Blog! 


I'm Patty, mom and seasoned professional in the healthy living and behavioral/mental health space. 


Here I share useful content and expert tips to support you in promoting good physical, behavioral, emotional, and mental health for your family.

I've worked with parents and kids for a long time as both a mental health and behavioral therapist, and a healthy eating/behavioral feeding coach in private practice. With a strong background in counseling, child development, and holistic nutrition, and over 3 decades of combined clinical experience, I'm here for you and I get it!  


Maybe you want to get your picky eater on board, or your child struggles with learning and/or behavioral challenges.  Maybe, like me, you're raising a child with autism or ADHD and you want to uncover everything you can to best support them as they move forward in this life.


I love providing helpful strategies and go-to resources for families,

and I specialize in supporting kids who learn differently, including those with autism and inattention.


Now more than ever, we need to equip our kids (and ourselves) with the tools for building resiliency, self-confidence and overall wellness.

Welcome to this safe, helpful space designed to support you on your family's wellness journey.


Please reach out with your questions and comments.  I'm always happy to help!




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