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5 Must-Have Kid Fun Summer Outdoor Toys on Amazon!

a group of kids playing soccer outside

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Summer is here, and it's time to encourage our kids to put down the screens and enjoy the great outdoors!

Getting kids outside during the summer is a fantastic way to foster their physical health, creativity, and social skills. Whether it's playing in the park, going for a family hike, or simply exploring the backyard, outdoor activities provide endless opportunities for adventure and learning. Fresh air and sunshine boost their mood and energy levels, while also helping them develop a deeper connection with nature.

How Outdoor Playtime Boosts Your Child's Physical and Mental Well-Being

  • It allows kids to develop their strength, coordination, and balance through physical activity.

  • It stimulates creativity and imagination, which can help with cognitive development.

  • It can promote social skills, such as teamwork, communication, and cooperation.

  • It can improve mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

Studies have shown that exposure to nature can improve attention span, memory, and cognitive skills.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right summer outdoor toys for kids to enjoy that will keep them active and engaged. Luckily, Amazon has you covered with a great selection of outdoor toys that are perfect for summer fun.

Here are 5 of our top favorite Amazon summer outdoor toys that your kids will love:

a toy Nerf gun super soaker

If you're planning a trip to the pool or beach this summer, then water toys are a must-have. Amazon has a big selection of water toys, such as water guns, pool floats, and water balloons.

One of our favorites is the Nerf Super Soaker Barrage Soaker. This powerful water blaster can shoot up to 34 feet, making it perfect for pool parties and water fights.

a little boy playing with a t-ball and basketball set

Outdoor sports toys are an excellent way to keep your kids active and promote physical fitness. Amazon has a wide selection of outdoor sports toys, including basketball hoops, soccer goals, and frisbees. One of our favorites is the Little Tikes T-Ball Set and Easy Score Basketball Set Bundle. This set is perfect for younger children and helps improve hand-eye coordination and skills, plus it's a whole lot of fun.

splash pad with family having fun

There's nothing like being able to cool off on a hot summer day while enjoying some physical activity at the same time. This favorite splash pad by Ftocase is fun for the whole family, including pets. It has a non-slip texture and is durable and really easy to assemble.

sand and water table with kids playing

Creative and imaginative toys are great for promoting imagination and cognitive development. Amazon has a vast selection, including outdoor playhouses, tents, and sandboxes. One of our favorites is the Step2 Cascading Cove Sand & Water Table with Umbrella. Perfect for toddlers and younger children (and your older kids may love it, too). The umbrella makes it easy for your little ones to have safe fun in the sun.

outdoor bubble set

Who doesn't love playing with bubbles? This bubble wands set from Oun Nana has a variety of bubble wands from large to small and will keep the kids (and grown-ups) busy having fun time and time again!

Allowing our kids to engage in outdoor playtime can have a positive impact on their physical and mental health. It also offers the benefits of improved physical fitness, social skills, and imagination.

Remember to keep safety in mind during outdoor playtime and supervise your child at all times.

So go ahead and stock up on these fun must-have Amazon summer outdoor toys for your kids and watch them enjoy the great outdoors!

Young girls in a line playing at the playground

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