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Nurturing Every Child: Picky Eater Support for All Kids Including Those with Autism and ADHD

Updated: Mar 17

a picky eater girl covering her face with a place of vegetables in front of her

Are you struggling to feed your picky eater? You're definitely not alone!

It's especially tough when your child has sensory processing issues, autism or ADHD. For them, it's not just about being fussy; there are deeper reasons behind their eating habits. Things like sensitivity to certain textures or smells, a strong need for routine, or simply not liking the look of certain foods can make mealtime a real challenge.

One great way to help picky eaters is to make mealtimes fun and relaxed. That means serving up different kinds of foods without making a big fuss, and giving your child plenty of time to try them out.

For kids with autism or ADHD, it's extra important to think about what they like and don't like. Some might get bothered by certain textures, smells, or colors, while others feel better sticking to what they know. By respecting these preferences and gently introducing new foods, you can help your child become a more adventurous eater bit by bit.

When you have open communication with your child about food, it creates a safe place for them to share their thoughts and preferences. This helps you better understand their challenges and work together to find solutions.

If you need extra support, consider reaching out to a feeding specialist or occupational therapist. They can give you customized tips and tricks to meet your child's unique needs and make mealtimes easier for both of you.

It's important to realize that progress doesn't happen overnight. Don't forget to acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest victories, and keep in mind to be patient with both yourself and your child as you work through these challenges together.

picture of Build a Better Eater book

Having the right practical strategies can help make things easier for both you and your child.

Build a Better Eater is the picky eater book for parents of all kids including autism and ADHD

This short eBook or paperback will help you to:

  • Understand the obstacles to feeding and how to work through them (including sensory issues)

  • Help your child develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Manage eating behaviors while avoiding power struggles

  • Take proven steps to transform your picky eater into a brave taster and better eater!

Are you ready to transform your picky eater with expert support?

Patty puts years of experience working with picky eaters into this quick tip book to help you get on the right track with your picky eater.

Build a Better Eater offers simple and effective strategies in a concise format, providing picky eater support for all kids. Keep this tool at your fingertips and refer back to it whenever needed to stay the course and transform your picky eater.

Start Building Your Better Eater Today!

picture of Build a Better Eater book

Get instant access to tips and tools with the feeding coach-designed picky eater book PDF!

From one of our readers:

"This was so helpful! I didn't realize all the reasons behind why my daughter was so picky. Now that I'm paying attention to them and using the strategies in the book,

I'm seeing some real progress and she is actually trying new foods!"

Sandy M. from PA

Picky Eater Support for All Kids

A boy and a girl eating healthy salads and drinking juice

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