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Teach Toddlers About Healthy Foods with These 7 Favorite Fun Wooden Learning Toys

Updated: Mar 2

A toddler playing with a wooden tea set on the floor and laughing while clapping their hands together

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Perfect for toddler or preschooler gift-giving, this round-up of our favorite wooden healthy foods learning toys is sure to please.

As a mom who also practiced as a healthy eating and behavioral feeding coach for nearly two decades, I know that teaching kids about healthy eating comes in many forms. A wonderful way to reinforce healthy eating habits from an early age is providing opportunities for kids to get familiar with healthy food choices through play!

Check out our top 7 wooden play food favorites to teach toddlers and young learners about healthy foods with toys:

We love, love, love this Wooden Play Food Set for toddlers and up! It's so fun to practice cutting on the velcro-attached 'lines' of these colorful fruits and veggies with the included kid-safe knife. Even the teenagers who used to walk into my office for feeding work gravitated toward this's just fun!

This Wooden Sandwich Sorting & Stacking Montessori Learning Toy makes it fun to select sandwich fixings. Not only do they enjoy stacking the layers of food, it also teaches kids the important skill of following directions as they copy the sandwich-making patterns from the included card deck.

The little ones (and bigger kids, too!) never tired of being creative pizza chefs with this Wooden Play Food Pizza Set as part of free play time during behavioral feeding sessions with me. They loved making different combinations of pizza toppings, and slicing up and serving the pizza on our plates!

This Wooden Color Sorting Play Food Toy Set helps kids to not only get familiar with what I like to call healthy "Rainbow Foods", but they also get to practice the important early learning skill of sorting colors when they play with this fun foods set. Just supervise or save the play money (coins for sure) for later as they grow into readiness of handling these smaller pieces. This big set is a real winner with kids!

Healthy foods printable worksheets for toddlers and young learners

Help your little ones learn to love trying new and healthy foods by teaching them that food is FUN. This instant digital download worksheet pack is a perfect parent helper to do just that!

The Melissa & Doug company has done it again with this Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter with Deli Slicer. Your 'Kid in the Kitchen' will have tons of fun creating and handing out

a variety of sandwiches as the head deli chef! This one's bound to keep them occupied as they express their creativity and have fun with food.

How fun is this Wooden Pop-Up Toaster Set? Kids get to practice making a healthy breakfast, setting the toast darkness level, making the toast 'pop up', spreading butter on the bread, and plating their masterpiece. Who knows, you may even get breakfast in bed!

And lastly, what kid wouldn't love this adorable Wooden Shape Sorter Vegetable Garden?! This compact activity center is so fun and cute. It's sure to engage and entertain your little one time and time again, while reinforcing what healthy foods look like.

So there you have it! Some inspiration to teach toddlers about healthy foods with toys. We hope you find something here that your little foodie will love to play with...something that will also help cultivate their love of healthy foods!

Have an older kid who's a budding junior chef?

A little girl chef stirring a salad in the kitchen with her family.

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