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Food Art FUN - For Adventurous and Picky Eaters, Too!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Food art turtle made with kiwi and grapes

Gather your kids in the kitchen for a little food art FUN!

Use your creativity and spark theirs while simply making this activity about having fun with food.

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You don't have to have a lot of ingredients...just use your imagination. Our cute little turtle here is made with only 2 and green grapes.

Try using your child's favorite themes whether it be characters, vehicles, colors, shapes, get the idea!

A food art flower bouquet made with fruits on sticks

Use cookie cutters and make different flowers to add to the fun for this fruit flower bouquet.

You can keep things simple to make creations and just use some rainbow foods (AKA fruits and veggies), or add in your kid's favorite crunchy snacks to entice them to get creating.

Have your kid chef engage with the color foods (again, AKA fruits and veggies) as part of their designs. This helps kids get comfortable with these foods in their space.

A food art train made out of fresh vegetables with broccoli trees in dip

A veggie train is so fun to make! Add a dip or may be pleasantly surprised with your picky eater's response when you share some food fun together. :)

Teach your picky eater that all of these foods are fun! And don't forget to show them what you can make, too, Mom and Dad!

Vegetable sushi made with cucumber slices rice and other vegetables

This simple veggie 'sushi' is just slices of peeled cucumber with cream cheese, hummus, or guacamole, cooked rice, and raw veggies.

Let your kid chef spread the cream cheese, hummus, or guacamole onto the cucumber slice and then lay the veggies (and rice if using) along the cucumber slice. Then help them get started rolling it up. Voila!

And while you're having your food fun...if a bit of brave tasting happens (with a little modeling and encouragement along the way, of course)...even better! :)

Food art Mickey Mouse with uncrustable chocolate sandwich cookies and fruits and vegetables

I hope you've found these food art ideas inspiring. Happy Creating!

Until next time,

Coach Patty

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